The Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding has officially flagged off the collection of the Practitioners Operating Fee in all seaports in the country.

The council says that the airports and the land borders will also be integrated into the payment process.

Cargo clearance from seaports in the country will henceforth not be complete without the mandatory payment of practitioners operating fee by freight forwarders.

At the official flag-off for the collection of the fee at the Lagos office of the Council for the regulation of freight forwarding in Nigeria, the Registrar and members of board revealed that the process which is automated is expected to be seamless.

Explaining modalities for payment, the registrar noted that it is only registered freight forwarders that can access the Council’s platform to effect payment.

The federal government has tied the payment of the practitioners operating fee to the clearance of cargoes from the ports, what this means is that any freight forwarder that refuses to pay the fee will not be allowed to exit his cargoes from the ports.

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