The airfreight industry continues to demonstrate an admirable level of resilience in dealing with the scars of the recent global pandemic. Nevertheless, the future of the airfreight industry remains bright with signs of unprecedented growth, as demand for specialized services and e-commerce continues to rise.

From time-sensitive goods, high-value, perishable food products, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and more, air transportation has proven to be the most efficient, safest, and most reliable mode of freight transportation.

This well-established fact was evident at the peak of the covid-19 pandemic when the world was confronted with severe restrictions on every front, including traditional transport routes.

In the face of the raging global panic, airlines provided the much-needed lifeline to a world in dire need of essential supplies, including medicine, food, and vaccines. Cargo aircraft’s kept the global supply chain open, even when traditional cargo routes like sea, land borders, and rail were shut down.

While every mode of transport carries its own benefits there are several plausible reasons why airfreight remains the most preferred mode of transporting cargo across diverse locations worldwide.

1. Delivery Speed: When your goods need to be moved quickly over a long distance, within hours, airfreight is the best solution in comparison to the other modes of transportation.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on the speed and efficiency of air transportation for moving high-value, time, and temperature-sensitive cargo – especially vaccines to places where they are urgently needed across the world. This was largely evident in the peak of the covid-19 global pandemic.

2. Reliability: Departure and arrival schedules of cargo flights are so reliable and predictable that they hardly fail to meet designated timelines. Cargo flights are operated with limited delays.

This allows end-users to accurately anticipate costs and meet their project timelines. This also means that customers can obtain real-time information on cargo status and reliably determine their location at every point in time. In this case, it becomes easier for customers to track their cargo and obtain the status of their shipments per time.

3. Worldwide Reach: Even in the face of social distancing and contactless trade relations, air transportation established itself as the critical connector of every component of the global supply chain, linking manufacturers, suppliers, forwarding agents, shippers to the final consumers.

Many airlines have a very large network of destinations where they can either deliver cargo directly or through their network partners in a matter of days.  Apart from airport-to-airport freight movement, faster and reliable delivery of small, urgent items like documents, books, food, medicine, packages of high value to remote and difficult-to-reach terrains, can be seamlessly achieved within a few hours.

4. Guaranteed cargo security: While the incidence of poor handling can occur, shipping by air remains the safest mode of cargo transportation, particularly because the rate of cargo theft is reduced and the chances of shipments arriving at destination in the right quantity and in perfect condition are usually very high.

In conclusion, while other means of cargo transportation are characterized by specific advantages that make them viable options, airfreight transportation is an excellent choice when speed, the certainty of delivery, safety, and a premium price are the key considerations for shippers.

In line with the foregoing trend, Kings Virtue Global Logistics Limited consistently demonstrates expertise in the efficient handling of diverse airfreights and destination clearance formalities with the following benefits to manufacturers, customers and partners:

  1. Competitive rates
  2. Cargo clearance within 48 hours of arrival
  3. Use of direct flight routes which guarantees fast and seamless delivery.
  4. Our Delivery Options include:
    1. Door-to-Airport
    2. Door-to-Door

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